Freelancer in web development (more specifically WordPress) and generative design (with Processing), I am driven by projects that require both technical problem solving skills and visual creativity. Following my engineering studies, I’ve worked for a 3D animation software development company for a few years (see my LinkedIn profile for a complete resume). I then made a pause to be at home with my children and enjoy that privileged moment before they started school.  I took this opportunity to explore my creative side: I’ve been a busy sewer, quilter and  sewing pattern designer, sharing my projects online at The Charming Needle. Being surrounded by beautiful fabrics inspired me to try my hands at creating my own designs. With my engineering background never far behind, I quickly discovered generative design : a design method in which rules and algorithms programming can be used among other things to produce patterns or illustrations. I have found in it, as well as in WordPress, a stimulating way of combining my interests and skills. Using programming to communicate a visually appealing message is, for me, the best of both world. And that is why I now call myself a creative coder! My intent in each project is to put coding at the service of design.


You’ll find here a variety of projects I have worked on. If  you are interested more specifically by projects in web development or generative design, I invite you to have a look at their respective page. You’ll find there a more detailed description.


You would like to discuss a project with me, please send me a message…